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Connor Jones Construction and Fabrication

Connor Jones is a locally owned Dunedin business operated by Tom Connor and Chris Jones who have a combined industry experience of over 25 years.

Our Strengths are in Residential & Commercial, Construction, Metal Works, Structural Steel and Roofing.

Construction and Engineering is what we know, what we understand and what we excel at. We are professionals who are experts at guiding our clients from concept, through to design, and implementation/construction phases of a project.

After working in the industry for many years, Tom and Chris realised that the construction industry had a requirement for a business to deliver a higher quality service and product solutions across multiple factors from sheet metal engineering to construction.

One of our core strengths within our business is our ability to manage a project from initial stages to completion with transparent communication throughout the entire project whilst changing the culture of the industry. We have a firm focus on creating a positive workshop culture with our staff and this transcending to our clients and onsite work.

We work cohesively with project management consultants, architects, engineers, Government entities and consumer clients in both residential and commercial sectors.

Tom Connor


Chris Jones


Point of difference

Our Focus in communication and client satisfaction has led to the implementation of an online construction management tool that manages all aspects of your project. We keep our clients up to date on our Connor Jones app where all information is tracked and all parties can communicate freely. The project is priced and managed all online with a homepage completely dedicated to the client.

Our team is made up of skilled tradesmen that are specialised in construction, sheet metal engineering, structural steel, boat building, roofing and with design capability across all areas of the business.


Over the last 2 years, I have found Connor/Jones extremely responsive and willing to assist us in meeting our customers expected deliveries and scheduled targets. Their attention to detail and finishing to specification is always as requested. They take the time to listen and understand what the requirement and expectation is on any job I have either asked to be quoted or ordered off them. Great to continue working alongside Tom and Chris when demands and time exceed us.- MURRAY PASCOE
Manufacturing Manager
Scott Technology Ltd

It is a pleasure to write a testimonial for the team at Connor Jones Construction and Fabrication. The team are talented, solutions based and community minded. We have enjoyed an ongoing partnership and look forward to future successful projects. We thank Tom and Chris for their support of kindergarten and wish them continued success.- Christine Kerr
General Manager
Dunedin Kindergartens

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